Bojuka is a reality based form of self-defence .   Tom Schrenk (, the founder, has put together a self defence system that is above anything else. Based on simple but sophisticated techniques this system is easy to learn regardless of your size, gender or how physically fit you may be. Weather you are in the security profession, looking to better your arsenal or just an average person looking to learn real personal protection, Bojuka is what you are looking for, and it’s here in Newfoundland. 

                 WHY LEARN BOJUKA?

Bojuka is the full package. Developed through real street altercations, Bojuka teaches you how to defend yourself in any given situation. Unlike some traditional martial arts or other self-defence systems. Real life scenarios are used in training to give the student a real feel for what might happen. Self-defence is about survival, it’s not about getting points in a contest.


Bojuka bases most of its moves on gross motor movements. Techniques based on fine motor skills are often lost once fear and adrenalin kick in. The student must learn to react in a instant, without thought, in order for their response to be effective. Bojuka focuses on committing a foundation of gross motor movements to muscle memory, therefore allowing our response to be quicker and more efficient. These foundation moves are carried out through the entire system. Bojuka has four training skill levels, ranging from completely defensive tactics, defending against multiple assailants, defending unarmed against weapons (knives, impact weapons, hand guns, and long guns), and then the tactical use of a knife or impact weapon in a violent altercation. Keeping the base moves the same means that the student doesn’t have to learn an entirely different set of moves to defend against a weapon. Rather, they just have to change their level of response. Determining the threat level and the proper use of force are also stressed in Bojuka. One other key factor in Bojuka is that it is a very personal system. The student will learn what works best for them and not what works best for their instructor. Finding techniques and strikes that suit you will make your self-defence arsenal much more effective.


Bojuka targets vital areas of the body. So, regardless of the mental state your attacker, if your response is executed correctly you will survive. These targets allow a smaller person to defend themselves against a larger person or persons with complete confidence .  Economy of motion coupled with precise strikes and simple joint locks plus a number of key pressure points make Bojuka what it is -- fast and effective.


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Fear not the attack, but the lack of response